Forehead Flap Procedure Gallery Index

Warning!!! Graphic Images Ahead

The first several galleries are very raw. From operating table to the first 3 weeks, these pictures show how the forehead flap procedure is done and how the healing starts to take place. I'll warn you, if you can't look at raw wounds, maybe just skip to the 6 months or so. I'm looking fairly normal by then!

I show these pictures to help those who are faced with the situation of needing a forehead flap procedure because of a basal cell skin cancer. When I went into this I had no idea what was coming my way. By the way, I take no pleasure in showing pictures of myself looking the way I do, that is just not me!

By sharing my experience and information I can show how I got through it and how even though it looks very rough at first, the fully healed outcome is something of a miracle. If you are in this situation of needing a flap surgery and you have confidence in your doctor, this procedure is probably the better option. As rough as it looks, there was almost zero pain.

Gallery 1 - On the Operating Table - Warning VERY GRAPHIC!

Gallery 2 - 48 Hours Later - GRAPHIC!

Gallery 3 - 72 Hours - GRAPHIC!

Gallery 4 - 96 Hours - GRAPHIC!

Gallery 5 - 6 Days - Graphic

Gallery 6 - 9 Days - Graphic

Gallery 7 - 2 Weeks - Graphic

Gallery 8 - 3 Weeks - Better

Gallery 9 - 4 Weeks - Better

Gallery 10 - 2 Months - Lookin' Good

Gallery 11 - 4 to 6 Months - Gonna Be OK!

Gallery 12 - 9 Months - Almost Normal

Gallery 13 - 1 Year - Easy Peasy

Gallery 14 - 2 Years - My New Nose

Everythings just fine...right?

overexposure to the sun

"Being sun 'aware' can help prevent skin cancer from occuring."