How to clean the Forehead Flap after surgery.

Keeping the wound clean is important for proper healing... ......there was NO pain associated with this video!

As you can see in the video below, the wound has an area that is raw and open to the air. This raw area is on the part of the flap that will be removed during the 2nd surgery to trim the flap. Since it is raw and open, it's very important to keep the surgery area clean. The purpose of this video is to show the steps taken during a daily cleaning.

It has been about four weeks since the forehead flap surgery and I am scheduled to have the flap trimmed the next day after this video was shot. Dr. Kriet did the forehead flap surgery, the 1st part, in KU Med Center and will also do this 2nd surgery only in KU Midwest where his office is located. I am really looking forward to getting the flap trimmed so I can finally see what my nose will look like.

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Thanks for watching and I hope this helps if you are facing a similar situation. You may be thinking that this whole ordeal looks like it is really a bad one to go through but in reality, its not at all. A Basal Cell Cancer was removed with MOHs surgery and a forehead flap was used for reconstruction, but the worst pain was the shots before the MOHs surgery.

Gotta keep smilin'...right?

overexposure to the sun

"Most basal cell carcinomas are removed surgically."