Basal Cell Troubles
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Simple surgery to remove Basal cell cancer...

Goes wrong in unexpected ways!

So I find myself in an uncomfortable situation but the nurse was very nice and seemed to be cool, calm and collected. Giving me some hope that everything could turn out OK. Could I have been more wrong? I'll let you be the judge of that!!! The doctor informs me that he'll just cut it out, stitch it up and send the specimen off for a biopsy. I'm nodding my head thinking it's just a little spot, even a drunk could pull this off.

A thin strip of gauze was placed over my eyes, but I could see through it fairly well and could certainly see out under it down by my nose. Doctor says he is going to numb things up a bit, I felt like saying that then we'd both be comfortably numb. Now he's leaning directly over me and the alcohol breath was so strong I could almost taste it. This guy has been drinking scotch and quite a lot of it. And Oh boy, here comes the needle. I can see it from the side and think that so long as he comes in from the side and holds it straight, he'll not miss.

Going Downhill Fast!

Just as the needle starts to enter my skin, I don't know what happened, the stool he was sitting on shifted under his weight or one of his many 'rolls' repositioned itself, but he jerked forward some. The bright shiny needle goes in the nose all right and horrors, out the other side of my nose it goes. He's got the barrel of the hypo touching the side of my nose and he pushes the plunger. Freeze frame in my mind forever of that fluid squirting out in a graceful arc and hitting the floor. Nurse is standing just above my head so I can't really see her, but I hear a soft "whoops" from her. Doc pulls it out and says lets try that again with a new one. He'd emptied the whole thing.

Several repeated attempts with some of the Novocaine going up into my sinus and even some made it clear to the back of my throat and it all went numb, he decides it's got to be good. I can't tell because the whole center part of my face is numb all the way down my throat. I think he used three hypos all together counting the first one that ended up on the floor. By now I'm thinking what you're thinking, bad, bad decision. But, in for a dime, in for a dollar, so I stayed.

Doc says to give it a couple minutes to numb up and that we'll be done in no time. "Be right back" he said. Three minutes later he's back, now I wonder what that break was for...? He rolls up again and the smell, well we know what that break was for. Novocaine for the patient and a double of scotch for the good doc please. And he's asking the nurse for the scalpel. Great, just great, and yeah, it gets better.

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overexposure to the sun

"Most basal cell carcinomas are removed surgically."