Cosmetic Surgery - A New Nose

I'll quickly recap how I got to this point of needing a new nose. After years of sun exposure from working outdoors, the first occurrence of Basal Cell skin cancer showed up in '96. It was removed in a simple outpatient setting. Only the doctor visit itself was a nightmare and you can read about that in the 'Doctor visit gone bad'. That left me with a very small scar that mostly healed over in time.

When I had a basal cell the second time in '01, I was told about MOHS Micrographic surgery. The procedure went smoothly with the doctor needing to remove tissue four times until it was clear. The reconstruction was made with a large piece of skin taken from the top of the left shoulder. The size of the patch is bigger than the place that the MOHS has removed. This allows for the extra skin to be used on the inside of the nostril.

Skin cancer was removed and

In a short period of time this skin used in the nose reconstruction began to shrink. It never got a good flow of blood going in. This resulted in a large divot on the ridge of my nose that was rather noticeable. Insurance wouldn't pay to have it fixed, deeming it to be a cosmetic surgery only.

While it didn't bother me much, I was also always aware of it. But since it was going to cost over $6,000 and the fact that I couldn't really see it, out of sight, out of mind, I was prepared to live with it looking like that.

But that was all about to change when a new spot showed up in the first part of August '06. I noticed a reddish area on the side of my nose just above where I'd had a Basal Cell Cancer removed by MOHS Micrographic surgery five years before. It was about 3/8 inch dia and within a week of first noticing the spot, it grew from a small faint reddish area to a larger more defined reddish area. Time for action!

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