Mohs Micrographic Surgery, the second time.

The first thing to do was visit Dr Terry Rothstein MD. Dr. Rothstein practices as an Ophthalmologist at Parsons Eye Clinic in Parsons, KS.. I've been seeing him for several years as an eye doctor, but he also knew my history with basal cell. After looking at my nose, Dr. Rothstein said it needed attention, That he recommended I see Dr. Glenn Goldstein in Kansas City, Ks. who specialized in MOHs surgery. His staff set up the appointment for me, they've always been very kind to me.

August 17 was the date to see Dr Goldstein. He has a nice office in Leawood, Ks., a suburb of Kansas City. The regular paper work and I was in to see him after a brief wait. He suggested we get a biopsy to find out what it was. Although it was fairly obvious what the results were going to be. We discussed having Mohs surgery and that he thought since the nose had been messed up from the previous mohs surgery that along with having the cancer removed it would be a good time to fix the other part too. Dr. Kriet was recommended to do a forehead flap reconstruction on my nose and that it would have to be set up so the Mohs surgery was done on a day before Dr. Kriet could see me. The biopsy went smooth and I was out of there shortly.

A week or so later I got the message that it was indeed a basal cell carcinoma and a appointment was set for Sept. 27 for Mohs micrographic surgery with Dr. Kriet doing a nose reconstruction the following day. I wasn't too worried about the MOHs surgery part, but was fairly uncertain about the nose reconstruction. I didn't see Dr Kriet until the same day the Mohs was done so I didn't yet know what all was going to be involved. Probably a good thing...

The 17th came, I made the 135 mile trip to be in the doctors office around 10am. The Mohs surgery went smoothly and without any surprises. I only had to be cut on twice this time and then it was all clear of cancer cells. I was out of the office about 1 pm. Had a nice size white gauze patch attached to my face but that didn't stop me from going right across the street to get something to eat. Then it was off across town for my first visit with Dr. Kriet. I've said it once before on this site and I'll say it again, "in for a dime, in for a dollar" and boy was I ever.

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