Cosmetic Surgery - Forehead flap procedure - A New Nose

I got to Dr. Kriet's office around 2 pm, for my first meeting with him. The office was about 20 miles away on the west side of Kansas City in the KU MedWest building. A very pleasant place with plenty of friendly staff to help you find your way around. After the usual paperwork and a short wait I was called back to the examining room.

I was first seen by Dr. Kriet's nurse, Becky White. I'll have to say that it was "trust at first sight". Through the years I've met my share of doctors and nurses and once in awhile one stands out from all the rest. Nurse White was one of those, she carried an attitude that said she was all professional and at the same time that she cared deeply for those who's paths she crossed. She's like the AllState guy, you know "you're in good hands". Dr. Kriet is indeed fortunate to have her on his staff. That more than anything calmed me considerably. To say that I was at a high level of stress by this point would be a vast understatement.

KU MedWest Building

Dr. Kriet entered the room and quickly had my confidence that 'Ok, here was a guy who not only knew what needed to be done but also knew he was the means to get it done'. He pulled the patch off my nose from the Mohs surgery that I'd just had a couple of hours before and offered me a look in a mirror. Whoa, there's a hole in the side of my nose that looks to be about the size of a nickel. I'm not one that particularly enjoys views of the more gory side of life, doesn't really bother me but there's more interesting things to look at. Looking at the raw wound on my nose though had me in total wonderment. Wondering just how it's possible to have a fresh hole that size in you and not be in any pain.

No pain what's so ever, the whole Mohs surgery had been pain free except for the first shot of Lidocaine. The hole never did hurt, even after the Anesthesia had wore completely off. Dr. Kriet told me how the Forehead Flap procedure worked and what the expected outcome could be like. I liked what I heard...

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