Getting the forehead flap trimmed

Day 21

This is the day I've really been waiting on, this is when I'll get to see what my nose is actually going to look like. for three weeks there's been this finger sized strip of flesh coming out of my eyebrow, twisted around and fastened to the end of my nose. Not a pretty sight and it's required lots of cleaning and care. You can look at the pictures and see what I mean, I look pretty odd to say the least.

Off to KC I go, knowing that I'm going to be put under again but this time I'm not worried about it. Been there, done that....once! This time I'm looking forward to it, just to get this whole thing over with and done.

I arrive at KU MedWest at the same time as Dr. Kriet and spoke with him briefly in the parking lot. I made the comment that where he'd stitched up the incision on my forehead, that the wrinkles that were still there didn't quite line up. Also that now part of my hairline was pulled down a little further than the rest. He said that wouldn't be a problem, he'd take care of it. I didn't realize at the time that meant he was going to reopen that incision and adjust things.

Everything goes smoothly and out I go, like a light again. Wake up about two and a half hours later and I feel great. They give me a mirror to look at things and first off I notice that I have new stitches going up my forehead. Sure enough, Dr. Kriet had realigned my wrinkles and my hairline. I'm so vain!!! But more importantly, my nose...I couldn't believe how nice it looked. After all those years with a big divot in it, now I have a nice straight nose just like Dr. Kriet had said it would be.

I'm so thankful to Dr. Kriet and his staff, nurse Becky White and everyone that had a part in this. For me it was a big deal, even though I know that for them it was a routine matter. But they all treated it like it was as important to them as it was to me. It was the right blend of professional and personal that made this whole procedure a resounding success. I'm very happy with my new nose!

Thanks to you for reading my story, if this is something that you are going to be faced with, I wish you all the best. Try to focus on a point in time after the procedure and just trust that everything will be OK. If you'd like to make a comment, use the guestbook here, or contact me directly. There's a 'Contact Me' link at the bottom of every page. If you have questions I'll try to answer them the best I can. If you just need some encouragement, I'd be glad to hold your hand.

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