After the surgery, the healing process begins!

After an overnight stay at KU Medical Center in Kansas City I was released the next morning. My head was wrapped tightly with some kind of heavy cloth and that was to remain on there for 12 more hours. I think it was to give the incision up my forehead a little time to start healing. I was a pretty sorry looking mess.

Getting out of the hospital and being on my way home was a great feeling. The past 48 hours had been just a blur, but one that I'd had to think about for over a month leading up to it. This is something that I want to emphasis, if you are in this situation or similar. The time you spend before the procedures and all the thinking that you will do about the unknown is almost always overblown in your mind.

The pain involved in all this was so minimal that it was almost laughable. I've hurt myself lots worse hitting my thumb with a hammer. I've had toothaches that were many times worse than what this involved. So my point is, give it a break, concentrate on a point after the process because once you are through it and looking back at it, you'll see what I mean. It wasn't nearly as bad as what you'd let yourself believe it was going to be. I know, that's hard to do.

The next few weeks went by really fast. I had to make many trips to KC for checkups with Dr. Kriet, got the stitches out and he was very satisfied with how things were healing up. But I was sure ready for part two of the procedure where the flap would be trimmed and I'd not have that extra part coming out of my eyebrow down to the tip of my nose.

A couple of funny things about having that flap like that before it was trimmed. If I touched the tip of my nose I would feel it up at the top of my forehead. Since the flap was still attached, all the nerves were still hooked up and it didn't know it wasn't at the top of my head anymore. So the tip of the nose was the part that had been up at the hairline, if I slid my finger from the tip of my nose up towards my eyebrows, I would feel my finger sliding down my forehead. So weird.

For the first few days the part of the flap were it was fastened would weep a little drop or two of wet stuff. It would roll down my nose and I would feel it rolling UP my forehead. I would be trying to dab it with a cloth and my hand would be up on my forehead trying to catch it. My wife would laugh and take my hand and place it on my nose so I could catch the drip I felt rolling up my forehead. Even though my mind would tell me that there was no way liquid could be running uphill as it were, I couldn't control my hand to make it go to my nose. After about 3 or 4 days though I finally got the hang of it. Mind over matter I guess!

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