Forehead Flap Procedure, the prepping

KU Medical Center was a hustling and bustling place that morning, people hurrying everywhere. I realized there were two types of people in there, those that knew exactly where to go and those who had no idea. I was in that last group. A kindly gentleman pushing a mop bucket seen my confusion and asked where I needed to go. Told him the office I was looking for and he said to follow him. He took us through a maze of corridors to a bank of elevators, up to the right floor, then more corridors and finally he delivered us to the office where I needed to be. Very nice of him.

The office was packed with people waiting and seemed to be a place of confusion. Which was soon to be proved true. When I gave the lady at the desk my name, see looked it up and said well it shows here that you were to have your leg amputated at 6am. Are you late? No, I said, I'm here to have my nose amputated...she didn't care for that but finally after going through some more records with my DOB and SSN she figured out who I was and what I was there for. Please wait!

After about 20 minutes of waiting I was called and the process began. It was very straight forward though, once back in the prepping area, there was none of the confusion that was obvious out front. At least that part relaxed me. I was by that time just a little concerned what part of the body was going to get cut off. Then Dr. Kriet showed up and talked with me a little, explained some of the procedures and how the timeline for the day would be. He has a very good way of putting your mind at ease and after he left I knew everything was going to be OK.

Various staff and medical personnel was in and out, getting me to sign papers and telling me what their part would be. Then the person who was going to put me under and take care of me was in. He explained how it all would work and answered my questions about that part. They had put a thing in my arm to administer the Anestesia through and presently the guy came with it and said he was going to put me under now and would I please count backwards from 10. I think I made it to 7...out like a light!

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