Cosmetic Surgery and the Forehead Flap

Dr. Kriet showed me several pictures of other forehead flaps that he'd done and I began to get a full understanding of just what I was in for. The options were few at this point though, here I was with a large hole in the side of my nose, a doctor in front of me saying he wanted to make it even bigger as well as cut a large strip from my forehead. Really no choice, I was all in!

Dr. Kriet answered some questions I had, mainly about being put under, never had done that before. Wasn't looking forward to it either but Dr Kriet assured me that this was something he'd done many times before and the pictures did look good. I wanted a new nose really bad, especially now. Leaving his office I remember feeling like I was only along for the ride at this point. That's probably a good thing, just get in that mode and go with the flow.

I still had the bandage over my nose and area there but had several hours to pass before night time. My wife, who was by my side every step of the way and my rock through this whole ordeal, and I decided to go out and eat, then went to a couple of stores before returning to the hotel for the night. I was already use to looking funny because of my nose, a little funnier didn't bother me.

As 8 pm rolled by I knew that in 12 hours I'd be out like a light and ready for surgery. Not a pleasant thing to have weighing on your mind as you tried to go to sleep. But I slept like a rock that night and woke early the next morning ready for whatever the day was going to bring.

Morning KC traffic was pretty thick and I was glad I'd left the hotel with plenty of time to get to KU Medical Center in downtown Kansas city. The area around the KU complex was having a lot of construction going on so it was tricky finding the right building and parking garage. It was a very busy place and the parking garages were mostly full. I was lucky to find a spot on the top open deck across from where I needed to be. As the hospital doors swooshed shut behind me a real feeling of helplessness set in. It was like being on a moving sidewalk, no turning back now.

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