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Basal cell Mohs Flowers

I've been asked, "why the flowers?" When I started to redesign this site the layout needed an image of a certain size near the top. Not only for graphic appeal but it also defines the center column without having to use border lines. I recently did a site using this same layout only in a red theme and wanted to use it here too. On the other site, a wedding related site, it was easy to get wedding related pictures and assign one to each page depending on the content of that page.

But on this site, it wasn't going to work to put images of basal cell cancer on every page. Who wants to see that? What I wanted to achieve was something that reflected a calm, resting peacefulness. At first I tried landscape pictures of nice vistas. It was close but just not quite the effect I felt was called for here. Then when I tried a couple of these flower pictures, I realized this was it.

They not only give a nice splash of color to the page but they also relax the mind. When one finds out that they have some form of skin cancer, the mind is usually anything but relaxed. It is my hope that when you visit this site, you'll leave with a feeling of tranquility, that you'll know that everything is going to be alright. If I haven't told you before on this site, I'll tell you here, Thanks for visiting!

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